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Fly Gyro, Byron Bay Gyrocopters: Scenic flights, Joy flight, Flight training around Byron Bay



Imagine an open-cockpit flight in a Gyrocopter together with one of our well-experienced and professional Flight Instructors. Every flight is not only a lifetime experience it is also part of your personal development. Come with us on a Trial Introductory Flight (TI Flight) and be a pilot for one day.

Fly with us and watch the migrating whales and dolphins, Mt Warning Volcano and breathtaking waterfalls from the birds view and on board of one of the word safest aircrafts. On all flights, we provide you with a comfortable flight suit, an aviation headset and a pilot-helmet.

Byron Bay Lighthouse Flight

Fly the classic highlights of Byron Bay and surrounds. We will take you on an unforgettable journey to the most easterly point of the Australian continent. On this TI Flight you will fly with an experienced Flight Instructor over the famous township of Byron Bay, over old ship wrecks dreaming under water, the iconic Lighthouse and Australia’s most beautiful beaches. There will be lots of time to explore the amazing beauty of ocean wildlife with its dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles and whales out of the cockpit, with it’s unobstructed views (don’t forget your camera, mate!). Get enveloped in the pure third dimensional experience.

Duration: approx. 30 min

Price: $149


Byron Bay Beaches and beyond Flight

This life-changing flight will bring you beyond Byron Bay’s horizon and will give you a perfect idea what flying a Gyrocopter is about. On this round trip we will fly from the coast, Belongil Ship wrecks, to the historic lighthouse, Byron Bay, to the dramatic Head Lands of Broken Head, over the smooth hills of St. Helena and vibrant town of Mullumbimby with Mt Warning in the background. On the way back we fly over the lively town of Brunswick Heads with its monumental rock walls – the perfect spot to look for whales and dolphins.

Duration: approx. 45 min

Price: $215


Mt Warning Volcano Flight

This TI Flight is truly a once in a lifetime Flight Experience and demonstrates the pure fun of Gyro-Flying. After taking-off at Tyagarah with one of our Flight Instructors you will fly straight to one of the most dramatic and breath-taking landscapes of the entire Australian continent; the magnificent mountain summit of Mount Warning. It is the iconic landmark of the Northern Rivers region and the biggest volcanic crater of the southern hemisphere. Because of its dimension its best to see it from the air (it is so enormous, that it is even visible from space!). Mt Warnings summit is the first place on Australia mainland to be touched by the morning sun, that’s why we will try to get there in the morning too. Mt Warning is the remnant central vent of an ancient volcano. Captain Cook gave it its name Mount Warning, but to the Aboriginal community it is known as Wollumbin, a sacred place of great significance. Our flight to and around the summit is certainly one the most spectacular and adventurous activities to do at Australia’s East Coast.

Duration: approx. 50 min

Price: $215


The ultimate Experience Flight

This will be your most unforgettable Flight experience and shows you what Gyrocopters are made for. An experienced Flight Instructor will take you up for the ultimate Gyrocopter Flight of this region. After taking-off at Tyagarah-Airstrip we will head straight for Mt. Warning with it’s most impressive and larges volcanic crater of the southern hemisphere. The stunning rim around Mt Warning is best visible from the air and describes one of the world larges volcanic calderas.

From there we will follow the Great Dividing Range and travel south, passing Mt Jerusalem and tracking for the historic hippy town of Nimbin, which is embedded in the forest between sacred aboriginal landmarks and rock formations.

After leaving Nimbin behind us, we will fly over the famous Nightcap National Park with it’s mind blowing beautiful nature. We will travel over undisturbed “tiger country”, amazing gorges, dams and impressive waterfalls, such as the tourist magnet Minyon Falls. From there the Ocean is again in reach. On our way back we fly over Coffee- and Macadamia Farms to Byron Bay with it’s pristine beaches and dramatic head land. Passing Byron Bay, we fly some loops around it’s nostalgic icon of the lighthouse before we will land safely at Tyagrah Airstrip again.

Duration: approx. 1.30 hours

Price: $315


Sunrise Flight


Rise early for this unique dawn flight experience at Australia’s most easterly point, Cape Byron. We take of at dawn and watch the sun rising out of the sea. While we fly around Byron Bay’s iconic lighthouse, the sun’s first rays starting to touch the mainland, you will be stunned by the spectacular sunrise.  The views from above are the most amazing in the early morning light. While the day and traffic is awakening we take advantage of the peace and enjoy the historic township in the soft light of the morning sun. Be astounded by a still dreamy landscape with it’s misty valleys–this is a truly magic sunrise-experience and certainly a unique lifelong memory.

Duration: approx. 25 min

Price: $175




  • (OPTIONAL: At a pre-arranged time and location, we will pick you up from your doors step and bring you to Tyagarah Airfield, 5 km north of Byron Bay).


  • All flights are commencing and ending at Tyagarah Airfield, Byron Bay Gyrocopters Hangar, Old Brunswick Road, Blue Hangar #2.


  • After getting any outstanding paperwork and payments out of the way, we will provide you with an aviation flight suit in your size and a pilot’s helmet with headset.


  • Then you will get a proper introduction in Gyrocopter-Flying and your flight instructor will get together with you in the aircraft.


  • Your flight commences and you take-off from Tyagarah Airfield, Byron Bay.


  • The Flight Instructor will take you on an amazing flight of your choice and along the route which you booked today. The exact rout may varies according to the actual weather conditions of that day and regarding to Flight-Safety.


  • After landing, the Gyrocopter will taxi to the aircraft’s designated parking-area and stop the engine. The flight instructor will take you out of the Gyro and bring you safely back to the passenger waiting area, where you can get dressed and can have a coffee or a drink until you get head back to Byron Bay. This is when your flight experience will end for this day. Thank you

Pickups / Departures

Byron Bay Gyrocopters is operating 365 days a year. All flights a weather permitting. For those who have not their own transportation, Byron Bay Gyrocopters offers a free pick-up service* from your doorstep in Byron bay.


How to get picked-up

When booking a flight with us, we will provide you with a time and date of your flight departure. If you wish to be picked up from your Guest House, Hotel or Campground please let us know minimum one day prior to your flight in order to arrange a time and pick-up location. At the day of your flight (approx. 30 min – 90 min before your flight is scheduled) we will come and pick you up and bring you to Tyagarah Airfield and to the Byron Bay Gyrocopters Hangar, which is situated 5 km north of Byron Bay.

*This service is free for all flights and bookings, if you spend more then $200 or more on total costs. For all other pick-ups we charge $20 extra per person. 


We would strongly recommend all our passengers to take a small size camera (no smart phone!) on board of their flight. But what if you haven’t got a camera...


We have a free in-flight picture service for all our passengers. Depending on which flight you came with us, we will provide you with 5 free pictures of this flight route, which we will email to you later. Like this you can share your unforgettable impressions with you friends and family.

Additional costs: FREE


Optionally you can choose to get your own personal In-Flight Video (GoPro) in High Definition filmed on your flight, which captures every single moment of your amazing flight with Byron Bay Gyrocopters. Having the camera mounted on the helmet, this video makes this mind-blowing event truly alive for a lifetime and it starts with taxing on the runway – the take-off – it goes over the entire flight time and finishes with the landing. We will send you later the movie-file, put it on a stick for you or burn it on a disc. Please let your pilot know if you like to get your personal in-flight-movie right after booking your flight (call: 04 87 50 25 50). Thank you

Additional costs: $80 only

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Fly Gyro, Byron Bay Gyrocopters: Scenic Flights, Joy Flight, Flight Training Around Byron Bay

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